WJACTV.COM :: Jury Picked, Opening Statments Begin Monday in Sandusky Trial

BELLEFONTE – Seven women and five men will arrive in Bellefonte Monday morning to hear the opening statements in the Jerry Sandusky child sex abuse trial.

Many of the people that will decide Sandusky’s fate have ties to Penn State University and were at one time fans of the former football coach who helped build Linebacker U.

Ever since the Sandusky scandal broke this case has been full of surprises.

Jury Selection was no different.

There was concern that it might be difficult to find a local jury, but the process only took two days.

Many of those chosen have direct ties to Penn State.

They include students, graduates, and even some with season tickets for football.

Jerry Sandusky entered the courthouse with attorney Joe Amendola who told reporters he thinks the jury will give them a fair shake.

Judge John Cleland had a list of questions for the jurors wanting to know how many had children as well as their ties to Penn State and the Second Mile charity.

Many potential jurors who had pre-paid vacations or scheduled travel out of state were dismissed.

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