Surface Transportation Board Approves Corman Rail Line Near Wallaceton

WASHINGTON, DC – The Surface Transportation Board today granted final approval for R. J. Corman Railroad Company/Pennsylvania Lines Inc. (RJCP) to build and operate a new rail line using right-of-way previously rail-banked as well as new right-of-way, near Wallaceton, Pa. This is the first instance in which the Board examined a new rail line construction proposal combined with restoration of rail service over a rail-banked right-of-way. The entire rail line would provide rail service to a proposed new waste-to-ethanol facility, a quarry, an industrial park now under development near Gorton, Pa., and to other shippers along the line.

The Board’s decision follows an extensive environmental review and analysis of public concerns conducted by the agency’s Office of Environmental Analysis, with several rounds of required environmental documentation (see Surface Transportation Board news releases #10-19 of July 23, 2010; #11-09 of March 4, 2011; and #11-26 of Nov. 18, 2011). The Board’s approval is premised on RJCP’s building the line on the environmentally-preferable route, as well as other conditions responsive to the proposal’s potential environmental impacts.

The Board’s decisions in R. J. Corman Railroad Company/Pennsylvania Lines Inc.—Construction and Operation Exemption—In Clearfield County, Pa., FD 35116R. J. Corman Railroad Company/Pennsylvania Lines Inc.—Acquisition and Operation Exemption—Line of Norfolk Southern Railway Company, FD 35143; and Conrail Abandonment of the Snow Shoe Industrial Track in Centre and Clearfield Counties, Pa., AB 167 (Sub-No. 1004N) are available for viewing and downloading at the Board’s website

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