FCC to get tougher on robocalls

Diane Alter – AHN News Reporter

Washington, D.C., United States (AHN) – Those pesky, annoying and interrupting automated robo calls should become less bothersome.

On Wednesday, the Federal Communications Commission voted 3-0 to require that banks, airlines, insurance and telephone companies to require written consent before sending out recorded marketing messages known as robo calls. The new rule also applies to numbers that are not listed on the Do Not Call registry.

Current rules already prohibit such calls to cellphones.

Not covered by the new rules are robocalls from schools and other non-profits organizations and political groups. These are not included because they are considered informational. However, those calls cannot be made without consent to wireless phones.

Robocall telemarketers use predictive technology to automatically dial thousands of homes simultaneous and connect live representatives with call recipients. Most often, consumers hear nothing when they pick up the phone because there is no representative available.

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