LT Supers Hold Off on Police Car Purchase

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CLEARFIELD – The Lawrence Township Supervisors will hold off on getting a new police cruiser as requested by the department.

Supervisor Glenn Johnston raised some questions.  Johnston stated that he felt that the current cruiser was purchased too soon, and that the township could have made the previous cruiser last a bit longer.

According to Chairman Bill Lawhead, the cruiser still has around 110-120 thousand miles on it.  Lawhead explained that once a cruiser reaches 150 thousand miles it is unable to be used for patrolling.  A new cruiser has about a three month lead time in ordering and the supervisors estimated the cruiser would last about a year at its current 30 thousand miles a year.

Supervisors noted that the Lawrence Township police had not been obeying a directive not to accumulate overtime.  Johnston noted that some shifts were reporting only four calls all shift.  The supervisors had directed the township police to utilize the state police more often for slower shifts.

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