Bionol Looks to Sell River Water to Gas Industry

CLEARFIELD – On Thursday, Clearfield Borough Council was made aware of Bionol Clearfield’s interest in selling Susquehanna River water to the gas well drilling industry.

According to a letter provided to the press by council from Bionol, the ethanol company filed their request to the Susquehanna River Basin Commission on Oct. 21. The letter stated that the maximum water to be provided to the gas industry would have no consequence on the more than 2 million gallons/day alloted to the company.

According to additional information at the meeting, Bionol consumes about 1 million gallons of water per day. The sale of the water would bring an additional 40 trucks/day to the plant.

It was announced in July that Bionol Clearfield had filed for Chapter 7 bankruptcy relief.

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