SCI-Houzdale Staff Member, Inmates Accused of Illegal Activities

HOUTZDALE – A staff member and two inmates at SCI-Houtzdale are accused of taking part in illegal activities.

According to the state police in Clearfield, the investigation began on Sept. 11, 2011. It was reported to police by SCI Houtzdale that while conducting a cell search, corrections officers found two cellphones. The people living in the cell were Jason Campbell and Maurice Carter. According to the report, both eventually admitted to owning the cellphones.

As a result of interviews, it is alleged that staff member Rachelle Thompson had brought the phones to the inmates. During the interview, Campbell related that Thompson not only brought in the phones but on separate occasions brought money to Campbell. He also stated he had a sexual relationship with her. She reportedly provided information to Campbell about two additional staff members. With that information, Campbell allegedly contacted and threatened them.

Thompson was interviewed by police, and reportedly admitted to having sex with Campbell and providing the cellphone.

Thompson faces three counts of institutional sexual assault, introduce weapon that may be used for escape, contraband, provide money to inmate illegally and two counts of harassment.

Campbell faces two counts of terroristic threats, two counts of introduce weapon that may be used for escape, two counts of contraband, and two counts of harassment.

Carter faces two misdemeanor 1 counts, including contraband.

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