New Energy Efficient Window, Door Business Welcomed to Clearfield

CLEARFIELD – The Clearfield County Commissioners welcomed the opening of the PA Window Store, a division of River’s Bend Properties LP, in downtown Clearfield at their workshop meeting Tuesday.

The PA Window Store, located at 18 North Second St., provides Serious Energy windows and doors that are manufactured in Vandergrift. The store, which serves the entire state but is based in Clearfield, is owned and operated by Keith Billotte.

In January 2009, Serious Energy acquired the former Kensington Window Factory after it had shut down all operations in October 2008. Two weeks after its acquisition, the 100,000-square foot facility started its production of SeriousWindows and SeriousGlass with refurbished equipment, Billotte said.

Serious Energy has also upgraded the 6,514 dual pane windows of the Empire State Building in New York, NY by reusing the existing glass and developing superior insulated glass units. The upgrade made it one of the most energy efficient commercial buildings in the United States.

According to Billotte, the energy efficient vinyl windows are designed to save heating and cooling usage. The SeriousWindows Quantum 2 series are stronger, more durable and better insulated than traditional aluminum windows.

He said each frame is made of extruded vinyl and fusion-welded in all corners, making them permanently air- and water-tight. The frames and sashes are filled with foam to provide insulation.

Inert Argon or Krypton gas fills the glass unit to insulate against the transfer of heat and cold to and from the outside. A poorly insulated window frame will translate into unwanted heat or cool; however, the smart window technology prevents any transfer.

The suspended film glass packages match the insulation characteristics of triple-pane glass. Low-E coolings are applied to the film and or glass and work by reflecting heat back to its source, Billotte said.

For example, he said radiant heat that originates from inside a home is reflected back in, keeping it warm in the winter. Infrared radiation that comes from the sun is reflected away, keeping the indoors cooler during the summer.

Every Quantum 2 window and door features a warm edge spacer system, which reduces condensation, improves thermal efficiency and helps maintain the indoor temperature. Also, a heavy-duty, extruded aluminum screen frame with a fiber glass screen mesh deters holes and tears.

Billotte said a full frame provides an R-Value up to 5.3 for double-hung windows. The R-Value is a standard measure of heat loss through a partition, such as a wall, window or door, and the higher the R-Value, the better its insulating properties.

The windows provide 99.7 percent ultraviolet protection and reduce damage and fading, reduces noise levels by 40 percent in comparison to single pane systems and results in 45 to 50 percent savings on electricity bills, according to Brian Luzier, project manager.

Luzier said before replacing windows at their location, the traffic noise overwhelmed their office space along North Second Street. “But now, we actually have to look and see if there is any coming unless it’s a larger-sized truck or motorcycle.”

Also, he mentioned servicing a customer in Kylertown and noted the gentleman’s air conditioner regularly cycled six times. However, since installing the smart window technology, it’s reduced the number of cycles to one.

Billotte said every window is custom designed and manufactured to one-eighth of an inch. He said they not only attempt to closely match the original, but also try to maintain the historical value of any home or building during an upgrade.

“Our goal is to put SeriousWindows in every home . . . but it’s going to take time to get to the grass roots. We have to get people requesting it,” Billotte said.

Commissioner Joan Robinson-McMillen added, “We have land and vacant businesses. We’re constantly looking for new businesses to help with Clearfield County’s unemployment. If you need anything, please let us know.”

Billotte said they plan to provide schooling and training for window and door installation at some point in the future.

For more information, visit the PA Window Store’s Web site, or call 814-765-6796 or toll free at 877-801-1088.

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