Inmate killed in Washington state Clallam Bay prison break

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Clallam Bay, WA, United States (AHN) – A convicted murder died on Wednesday while trying to escape a state prison facility in northwestern Washington.

Kevin Newland, 25, tried to drive a forklift through a work area in Clallam Bay Corrections Center. He acted in concert with another inmate, Dominick Maldonado, who used a pair of scissors to take a correctional officer hostage.

Newland was able to crash past the doors of the work area and drive into the chainlink perimeter fence. A prison officer fatally shot him before he could get any further.

Other correctional employees were able to save the officer Maldonado took hostage. The officer received treatment at an area hospital for minor injuries.

Maldonado is serving a 163-year sentennce for a shooting spree in Tacoma in 2005. He was interviewed by sheriff’s deputies after the attempted prison break.

Newland was sentenced to 45 years in 2007 for first degree murder in Spokane.

The two inmates are believed to have planned their failed escape days in advance. The work area they were in is a shop operated by a company that trains and employs prisoners in producing garments under a partnership with the government.

Clallam Bay Corrections Center, located west of Puget Sound, houses more than 850 inmates in medium, close and maximum prisons. It was put under lockdown after the incident while authorities took account of all inmates.

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