Latest mass animal deaths: 200 dead cows at Wisconsin farm

Ayinde O. Chase – AHN News Editor

Amherst, WI, United States (AHN) – In another shocking mass animal death, more than 200 cows were found dead at a Wisconsin farm.

Officials say the Portage County farm was hard hit by a cattle disease over the weekend.

The cause of the mysterious deaths appears to be from a form of pneumonia. The owner of the farm said the cows were unvaccinated.

Semi-trucks had to be called in to remove the dead bovines.

Officials haven’t quarantined the rest of the farm and they report no threat is posed toward humans or other animals.

The cow deaths follow the mass deaths of birds and fish in parts of the country that began at the onset of 2011.

On New Year’s Eve thousands of black birds dropped from the sky in Beebe, AR, suggesting mass poisoning or even a sign of the apocalypse. Days later, thousands of drum fish clogged 20 miles of the Arkansas River in the northwestern section of the state near Ozark.

Then last week, an estimated 300 birds were found on the side of a highway in Alabama. However it is believed that a large vehicle, probably a tractor trailer, was responsible for the deaths.

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