CCEDC Announces VP of Energy Development, Other Changes

The CCEDC staff, from left to right: Rhonda Bash, Jamie Straub, Rob Swales and Cathie Ensminger. Missing is Paul McClosky. (Photo provided by Jamie Straub)

CLEARFIELD – The Clearfield County Economic Development Corporation has been working hard to pave the way, welcoming the energy industry into Clearfield County.  During November 2010, the CCEDC made the announcement they would be expanding operations and departmentalizing to better serve the growing needs of the county. 

January has brought about that change and now the CCEDC has two departments, the Energy Department and the Development Department, working to better the area and build lasting industry relationships.  The Energy Department will focus on the requirements of all things energy; natural gas, including Marcellus Shale, biofuels, electricity, coal, solar and wind.  Due to the aggressive nature of these businesses as well as the demand for energy related projects, the CCEDC is proud to announce the creation of the department to spur economic growth for Clearfield County. 

In addition to the creation of the new department the CCEDC has expanded its professional staff.  It is with great pleasure they announce Paul McCloskey as the new vice president of Energy Development.  McCloskey will be the face of energy for the CCEDC.  McClosky’s background is in business administration, he earned his degree from Penn State University.  He is an avid outdoorsman and has a passion for research into the Oil & Gas Industry.  His research has included erosion and sediment controls, the fracturing process, PA DEP well permitting process and leasing regulations.  He is a lifelong resident of Clearfield County and currently resides in DuBois with his wife Angie and son Paul. 

The CCEDC is elated about the experience, knowledge and energy that McClosky brings to the organization. He officially joins the CCEDC on Jan. 24.

 The new year has brought other change among the organization as well.  The CCEDC wishes to announce the promotion of Rob Swales to chief executive officer and Jamie Straub to chief operations officer. 

Swales has been with the CCEDC since 2000. He studied economics at the University of Pittsburgh at Bradford where he earned his bachelor’s degree.  Rob resides in Clearfield with is children, Denis and Elli.  He serves on the Board for the Clearfield YMCA and the Clearfield Revitalization Corporation. 

Straub started service with the CCEDC in 2005. She attended Indiana University of Pennsylvania where she earned a bachelor’s degree in marketing and a master’s degree in business administration.  Straub resides in Rockton with her husband Michael and daughter Hailey.  She serves on the Clearfield Revitalization Corporation’s Economic Restructuring Committee and the DuBois Area Energy Task Force. 

Both Swales and Straub have been certified through the Pennsylvania Economic Development Institute. 

Rhonda Bash has been named vice president of Development for the organization.  Bash has been working in the field of economic development for 33 years. She received a degree in business administration from the DuBois Business College.  She resides in Grampian with her husband Michael.

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