Thompson Votes in Favor of Compromise that Extends Tax Relief

Glenn Thompson (GantDaily File Photo)

WASHINGTON, DC – Just before midnight U.S. Representative Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson voted in favor of the compromise tax package that will stop looming tax increases from taking effect January 1st.  The bill passed the Senate earlier in the week and the House passed it late tonight by a vote of  277-148.  The following is Thompson’s statement on his vote:

“There were many things in this package that I did not like and would have voted against if they came up as individual pieces of legislation. But those things were tied to preventing a job-killing tax increase of $3.9 trillion over the next ten years on all Americans.

“Americans cannot afford to have their taxes increased during these trying times.  Without passage of this bill, an average middle-income family would have their taxes go up by $1,540.  Even the lowest income bracket taxpayer would have received at minimum a tax increase of $503.

“To those who have said we could receive a better deal by waiting until the Republicans took the majority in the House in January, let me say, there is no certainty to that assumption while the Democrats still hold the majority in the Senate and the President has the veto pen.”

Matthew Brennan | Legislative Director
Representative Glenn ‘GT’ Thompson

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