Police Report: Sandy Township

  • On Monday, officers received a report about a 2-year-old girl who was being bitten by a pit bull at a Circle Road residence. The girl was near the dog while it was trying to eat and bit her in the face and head area. The girl was transported to the DuBois Regional Medical Center for treatment.
  • Police reported a false alarm at Hughes Christianson on Monday.
  • Officers responded to a Treasure Lake residence for a 911 hang-up call on Monday. The call was the result of a child who was playing with the phone.
  • On Tuesday, a Showers Road resident reported that they’d observed someone who exited a sports utility vehicle and struck two mailboxes with an axe. The suspect was gone prior to police arrival.
  • On Tuesday, a truck driver reported that someone struck his vehicle while he was sleeping in it and then left the Pilot parking lot.
  • Police reported a false alarm at Kentucky Fried Chicken on Tuesday.
  • A Treasure Lake man reported that a deer struck his car, causing minor damage to it while he was traveling on Coral Reef Road on Tuesday.
  • A 20-year-old Brockport woman was traveling on Mount Run Road on Tuesday, when she struck a tree due to foggy conditions. As a result, her vehicle’s muffler was wedged between the tire and the wheel well. No injuries were reported.
Police Report: DuBois City
Police Report: Clearfield Borough