LTE: Marcy, Marcy, Marcellus Shale

Marcy Marcy! Always a joyous occasion to be greeted by a statement like: “The Marcellus Gas is the future of Clearfield County. And then to add “We only have to look to our past.”

The latter is a good reason why people are in the state they are and going around and around yet getting nowhere especially Clearfield County. 
No doubt there was wealth and prosperity in the coal and lumber industry but the new economy isn’t to blame but the leaders and the talking heads that place themselves in an educators position then work down through the community leaders.
People don’t like change regardless how small and the leaders need to keep ahead of that curve or be doomed to repeat the past.
The Marcellius is a prime example of our history coming back for a bite.
The past 100 should have taught a lesson but the leaders were and are asleep at the switch bogged down in bureaucracy and the lemming mentality. Do you need a glimpse you’ll find it in the statement,” as  coal became over-regulated and reserves diminished”.
The leaders allow misinformation to be spread around without facts and figures that breeds mistrust and that ground is a good reelection soil. The politician likes a statement, “we have enough reserves for a hundred years” never realizing that there is someone out there asking what happens when my grandchildren are grown?
The future is not the past unless those in power choose it to be and we allow them to do so.
As for catching a break we need to push that leader in Houtzdale and have him push the leaders in Harrisburg and have them push the leaders in Washington impressing on them that you’re here and it’s time to feed the beast with meat not just tease it with the aroma.
Stop electing the same old mind set; start holding the leaders responsible for the statements they make.
A true leader is only as good as his word.  Should you start demanding that?
Stop looking to government for a hand out and demand a hand up demand the politician hear you and listens these two must go together for results.
Demo, Rep, Indy, Con etc. are only nicks that are given to divert the masses from breaking the mold; a possible solution may be found in the thought, “a box has walls so don’t get in the box” think and move outside unless of course you enjoy the misery of repeating the past as it seems your being told to use the past as a reference.
It’s time for the leaders to develop a backbones and be different the result could be refreshing.
Debates meant to distract from the issue and keep the old guard in place; maybe you should try to discuss then come to a conclusion that way you don’t have high ground and molds to look down from and are forced to see what lies before you.
You can’t drink acid mine water nor fracked water so why not get the act together before fracking so you don’t repeat the past.
You’ve not learned from the past so it’s safe to say your are doomed to repeat the past.
Ok, who pays for the technology or maybe at what cost to an already over burdened populace? Why not increase technology it will pay for its self? Oh really! Technology has got you where you are always on the carrousel reaching out attempting to grab the ring.
No! our children don’t deserve our best they require it.
John Deacon
West Decatur
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