Sequels to "Halloween," "Scary Movie" Greenlit By Weinstein Co.

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Los Angeles, CA, United States (AHN) – The Weinstein Co. has revealed some of their production slate for the future, and it’s full of sequels. Along with a follow-up planned to the parody series “Scary Movie,” the studio has also given the green light to sequels to “Halloween” and “Hellraiser.”

According to the Hollywood Reporter, a sequel to “Scary Movie” is in active development. “Scary Movie 4,” the last installment in the franchise which parodied films like “Saw” and “War of the Worlds,” grossed over $178 million worldwide back in 2006.

While it was previously reported that a new sequel to “Halloween” was scrapped, initially planned for 3-D, “Halloween 3″ is in development as well. The studio is also developing sequels to “Hellraiser” and “Children of the Corn.”

The Weinstein Co. is going to focus on its most bankable franchises while also creating films with lower budgets. They plan six wide releases a year, with others in limited release.

“Scream 4,” which is currently in production with a budget of $40 million, is set to hit theaters in April 2011. “Spy Kids 4″ is also set to go into production with a similar budget for a release in August of next year.

Next up for the studio is “Piranha 3-D.” Starring Elizabeth Shue and Jerry O’Connell, the horror sequel is set to hit 2,000 screens on August 20 th .

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