Police Report: LTPD

  • Police assisted the Clearfield Borough Police Department with attempting to find a man who brandished a gun during an incident of road rage.
  • Police were called to Barn Road for an incident of open lewdness.  It was reported that a man was seen running naked down Barn Road towards Turnpike Avenue.  The man had his clothes in his hands as he ran down the street.  Police were unable to find him.
  • Police conducted traffic details at several locations.  Eight warnings and/or citations were issued.
  • Police were called to Wal-Mart Supercenter where an Illinois man was begging for money at the entrance.  Police ran a check on the man and found he was wanted on a felony drug charge in Wisconsin.  Police contacted the Milwaukee Police and found out they wanted the man.  Police filed fugitive from justice charges and he was arraigned before Magistrate Richard Ireland.  Bail was set at $100,000.
  • Police received a complaint that an ATV was being driven on Scribbers Road.
  • Police responded to an alarm on Coal Hill Road.  They found that the vehicle’s horn was stuck.
  • Police received a complaint of harassment by communication on Knepp Road.
  • Police received another complaint of harassment by communication at Lawrence Park Village.
  • Police are investigating a theft complaint.
  • Police found suspicious activity at a local business.  After checking the building they determined it to be secure.
  • Police responded to a report of a possible prowler in Kerr Addition.  Officers checked the area but did not find anyone.
Police Report: PSP Philipsburg
Police Report: PSP Ridgway

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