Adidas Defends World Cup Ball ‘Jabulani’ In Light Of Goalkeeper Complaints

Kareem Shaker – AHN Sports Reporter

Johannesburg, South Africa (AHN) – Brazil goalkeeper Julio Cesar and Spain keeper Iker Casillas recently complained that the ball called “Jabulani,” designed by Adidas for the 2010 World Cup, was too lightweight, making it difficult to control.

Adidas retorted by defending the ball, blaming the lack of control on the altitude.

Casillas called Jabulani, which was released in Dec., a “beach ball” after a 3-2 loss to Saudi Arabia over the weekend.

Company spokesman Thomas van Schaik insisted the ball has been tested thoroughly and given praise by most soccer professionals.

Schail told reporters Monday he believes all balls move erratically at high altitude, where several matches will be played in the competition.

Other players, specifically Adidas spokesmen like Kaka, Michael Ballack and Frank Lampard, have praised the ball’s design and playability.

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