Fish Stories … Help Us Share Yours

Katelyn caught her first trout on her own for the first time this year. (Photo provided by Holly Olson)

Tyler Olson 6yrs, Ed Olson and Katelyn Olson 3yrs.  Posted by Holly Olson

Hometown: Clearfield, PA  
Location: Susquehanna River
After Ed casted the fishing rod he proceeded to instruct his Daughter Katelyn to stand still and wait patiently.  She stood really still and waited, just waited as instructed by her father.  A few minutes later, Katelyn yelled “Daddy I got a bite, I got a bite”.  She then proceeded to hook the trout, reel it in and with her father’s assistance, landed her first trout of the season.  After she took a good look at her catch, I asked Katelyn what she thought of her trout.  She replied, “I thought I caught seaweed.”      

If you would like to help us tell your 2010 fishing story, send your photo, name, location the fish was caught and hometown to Provide whatever details you like concerning the landing of your lunker.  And remember, fishing doesn’t end with trout.

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