Commissioner Bud Selig: MLB’s Twins Contraction Was ‘Myth’

Jojo Doria – AHN Sports Contributor

Minneapolis, MN, United States (AHN) – MLB commissioner Bud Selig, in a press conference Monday in Minneapolis, reportedly indicated that the Major League’s contraction plan supposedly involving the Minnesota Twins was but a “myth.”

The response was to a question regarding MLB’s plan to eliminate two teams announced after the 2001 campaign.

The Twins and the Montreal Expos were the teams believed to be part of the contraction plan.

During the news conference prior to the Twins’ home opener baseball game against the Boston Red Sox at their new stadium, Target Field, Selig brushed aside that belief, stating that there was “a lot of mythology” to it.

Many believed, including the Twins fans, that the late owner Carl Pohlad was in agreement with the supposed contraction of the Twins.

According to Selig, the Pohlad family never wanted to leave despite the numerous obstacles the Twins franchise faced.

On the other hand, others believed that the proposed contraction and other problems affecting the Twins gave birth to the $545 million Target Field, which opened Monday to a sellout crowd of 39,715.

Selig also indicated that the new stadium, which seats about 39,500, could be a possible host of the 2014 All-Star Game.

During the interview, televised on ESPN during the game, the commissioner also addressed the recent issues concerning the pace of the game.

Selig said he feels that as society speeds up, baseball should too. The announcers and Selig discussed things like the possibility of limiting mound conferences.

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