Community Leaders Greet Students on First Day at Clearfield Elementary School

CLEARFIELD – New and returning Clearfield Elementary School Students arrived at the first day of school this year to meet community members at the front doors greeting them.

These community members represent municipal and county government officials and business leaders, who were invited to the Clearfield Elementary School.
The invitation was from Elementary Principle James Quick Jr., and the Parent Teacher Organization to bring community, schools and family together to improve education.

Some of the representatives included the Clearfield County Commissioners, officials from Clearfield Borough and the Lawrence Township Supervisors.

The community members interacted with students outside at the doors and in the cafeteria as students came in to pay for their lunch bills.

To a crowd of 462 students and the gathered community members, Quick outlined his vision for the school in a way understandable to the kids.

“I want to start out saying I have a vision. I have a vision that one day Clearfield Elementary School is going to be the best school in the world,” said Quick.

He went on to say to the kids the school will be on the cover of a magazine. This magazine would contain an article telling about the world class teachers at their school. How the community and families of the children came together to better education, and that the students could become anything they wanted. Quick stated that the school, family and community cannot be independent parts.

“I am asking you to dream. I am asking you to believe. Extraordinary things happen when people work together,” said Quick.

Quick was more than pleased with the turn out from his first opening day at Clearfield Elementary. There are no formalized plans for more education and community get-togethers, but the desire to build partnerships between the family, community and school is present.

“Schools can’t educate the kids on their own,” said Quick after the speech.

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