Clearfield Borough Police Department Releases Warrant List

CLEARFIELD – The following people currently have warrants issued for their arrest from the Clearfield County Court system. Anyone knowing the location or having pertinent information on these subjects is asked to contact the Clearfield Borough Police Department at 814-765-7819. All information may be kept confidential if you so wish.

Name                                                      Last Known Town                                                      Type of Warrant
Paula Alexander                                        Clearfield                                                                  Criminal
Gina Anderson                                          Grove City                                                                Traffic
Richard J. Anderson                                   Clearfield                                                                  Criminal
Faith Marie Argott                                     Clearfield                                                                  Criminal
Joshua J. Arvay                                        Verona                                                                     Traffic
Jamie Askey                                             Philipsburg                                                                Traffic
Mai-Linh Badorrek                                     Clearfield                                                                   Criminal
Timothy & Michell Bainey                            Woodland                                                                 Traffic
Timothy Baney                                         Woodland                                                                 Traffic
James L. Baughman                                   Cranberry Twp                                                          Traffic
Chad Bayman                                           Clearfield                                                                  Traffic
Richard L. Bloom                                       Wallaceton                                                                Criminal
Shannon L. Borden                                    Reynoldsville                                                              Criminal
Ginger L. Bowman                                     Port Matilda                                                               Criminal

Kevin J. Bowser                                        Clearfield                                                                  Criminal
Brian M. Boyer                                          Clearfield                                                                  Criminal
Justin A. Bretz                                          Wilcox                                                                     Traffic
Alycia D. Brickley                                      Millerstown                                                                Traffic
Raymond A. Broske                                   Clearfield                                                                   Criminal
Jeremiah J. Brown                                     Unknown                                                                   Criminal
Nicole Brundbridge                                    Unknown                                                                   Traffic
Christine M. Bumbarger                              Morrisdale                                                                  Traffic
Glee A. Bungo                                          Houtzdale                                                                  Traffic
Christine A. Caldarelli                                 DuBois                                                                      Traffic
Amanda Carfley                                        Curwensville                                                               Traffic
Wayne D. Carter Jr.                                  Clearfield                                                                   Criminal
Franklin Casamento                                   Port Matilda                                                               Criminal
Dino Sanford Catlin                                   Unknown                                                                   Criminal
Christina M. Chain                                     Pittsburgh                                                                 Traffic
Nicole R. Chicko                                       Houtzdale                                                                   Traffic
Charles Clark                                           Clearfield                                                                    Traffic
David T. Clark                                          Clearfield                                                                    Criminal
William G. Clark                                        DuBois                                                                       Criminal
Jeremiah R. Coder                                    DuBois                                                                        Traffic
James L. Cole                                          Jeanette                                                                    Criminal
Arthur D. Coleman                                    Duncansville                                                                Criminal
Devon R. Conrad                                      Altoona                                                                      Traffic
Nick Conroy                                            Philipsburg                                                                   Traffic
Roger P. Coyne                                      Clearfield                                                                      Criminal
Tresa S. Creek                                       Winburn                                                                       Traffic
Mary L. Cribbs                                        Grampian                                                                     Traffic
William H. Davis                                      Clearfield                                                                     Criminal
Eva Marie Dawson                                   Karthaus                                                                     Criminal
Carina L. Demi                                        Curwensville                                                                 Traffic
Daniel Dengate                                       Clearfield                                                                     Traffic
Christopher J. Digilarmo                            DuBois                                                                        Traffic
Debra J. Dixon                                        Curwensville                                                                 Criminal
Randy T. Dixon                                       Clearfield                                                                     Criminal
Kenneth J. Dotzler                                   Philipsburg                                                                   Criminal
Patricia A. Downer                                   Clearfield                                                                     Traffic
Patrick J. Duff                                        Pittsburgh                                                                    Traffic
Lisa M. Early                                          Pittsburgh                                                                    Traffic
Louis K. Early                                         Indiana                                                                        Traffic
Michael D. English                                   Unknown                                                                      Criminal
Alecia D. Erskine                                    Morrisdale                                                                     Traffic
Loretta Evans                                       West Decatur                                                                Traffic
Carol A. Farzetta                                   Clearfield                                                                      Traffic
James E. Flahagan                                 Mahaffey                                                                      Traffic
Annette M. Fleming                                Morrisdale                                                                     Traffic
Russell C. Foust                                    Monongahela                                                                  Criminal
Tori B. Frankenfield                                Houtzdale                                                                      Traffic
Lily Mae Gardner                                   Philipsburg                                                                      Criminal
Richard Gardner                                     DuBois                                                                          Traffic
Cassey Jo Lyn Garell                              Clearfield                                                                        Criminal
Ronald & Kristina Geyer                           Winburne                                                                       Traffic
Jennifer L. Gibbs                                    State College                                                                 Traffic
Howard L. Gill                                       Clearfield                                                                        Criminal
Randy L. Gillen                                      Clearfield                                                                        Criminal
Clarissa M. Gillingham                            Grampian                                                                         Traffic
Chris Gould                                          Clearfield                                                                        Traffic
Debra A. Graham                                   Bigler                                                                             Traffic
Leroy Graham                                       Osceola Mills                                                                   Traffic
Martin Greening                                    Clearfield                                                                         Traffic
Christopher A. Grethl                              Lancaster                                                                       Criminal
David J. Gustafson                                Ridgeway                                                                        Criminal
Gary R. Haag                                        Punxsutawney                                                                 Traffic
Teresa Hamrick                                     Clarington                                                                       Criminal
Brian Hand                                            DuBois                                                                           Traffic
Jennifer J. Hardin                                   Clearfield                                                                        Traffic
James F. Harris                                      Curwensville                                                                    Criminal
Michael B. Haun                                    Altoona                                                                           Criminal
Shannon Hawthorne                              Clearfield                                                                         Criminal
Alisha Rae Hayward                               Clearfield                                                                         Criminal
Richard & Lisa Heberling                          Woodland                                                                        Traffic
Cora L. Henderson                                Philipsburg                                                                        Traffic
Courtney L. Hess                                  Clearfield                                                                          Traffic
Shelly C. Hilborn                                   Summerville                                                                       Traffic
Scott L. Himes                                      DuBois                                                                             Traffic
Charlene L. Hock                                   Stump Creek                                                                     Criminal
Paul W. Hockenberry                              Irvona                                                                            Traffic
Robert E. Horner                                   Clearfield                                                                         Traffic
Patricia P. Horton                                  Altoona                                                                           Traffic
Stephen E. Howell                                 Clearfield                                                                         Criminal
Patrick E. Hubby Sr.                               Unknown                                                                         Criminal
Paul Hugney                                         Clearfield                                                                         Criminal
Joseph M. Hunter                                  Woodland                                                                        Criminal
Kim & Greg Hunter                                 Morrisdale                                                                        Traffic
Robin Hynd                                          Philipsburg                                                                        Criminal
Susan K. Ickes                                     Glasgow                                                                           Traffic
Bernard J. Ireland                                 Frenchville                                                                        Traffic
Tena R. Jacox                                     Clearfield                                                                           Criminal
Alyssa D. Johnson                                Unknown                                                                           Criminal
Jason Johnston                                    Clearfield                                                                           Traffic
Gloria Kachman                                    Clearfield                                                                           Criminal
Juliet N.Kaslon                                     Clearfield                                                                           Traffic
Fred B. Keefer                                     Clearfield                                                                           Traffic
Joseph A. Keefer                                  Clearfield                                                                           Criminal
John F. Kennedy                                  Clearfield                                                                           Traffic

Mary E. Kerr                                        Madera                                                                             Criminal
Kathleen L. King                                   Clearfield                                                                           Traffic
Angela R. Kirkland                                 Clearfield                                                                          Criminal
Samantha R. Kichen                              LaJose                                                                              Traffic
Penny Jo Knox                                     Gibbon Glade                                                                      Traffic
Amy L. Kyler                                        Drifting                                                                              Traffic
Dawn S. Larson                                    DuBois                                                                              Traffic
Gregory A. Lewis                                  Clearfield                                                                           Traffic
Jade Lines                                          Clearfield                                                                            Criminal
Austin M. Litz                                      Clearfield                                                                            Traffic
John D. Lowers                                    Morrisdale                                                                           Criminal
James L. Lucas                                    Clearfield                                                                            Criminal
Amber A. Lukaschunia                           Clearfield                                                                            Traffic
Autumn G. Lukaschunia                         St. Marys                                                                            Traffic
Edward M. Luzier                                  Philipsburg                                                                          Traffic
Douglas Lytle                                      Shawville                                                                             Traffic
Tammy Mackie                                     DuBois                                                                                Traffic
Dennis J. Mahoney                                Florida                                                                               Criminal
Aaron Maines                                       Clearfield                                                                           Criminal
Andrew Maines                                    Woodland                                                                           Traffic
Rodney W. Maines                               Clearfield                                                                             Criminal
Kyra J. Malloy                                     Clearfield                                                                            Traffic
Ralph Mangialardi                                 Verona                                                                               Criminal
Ralph & Janice Mangialardi                     DuBois                                                                               Traffic
Lisa A. Mardia                                     Clearfield                                                                            Traffic
Tamara E. Marich                                Clearfield                                                                             Traffic
Frank J. Marnati                                  Grampian                                                                             Traffic
Lisa Marshall                                       DuBois                                                                                Traffic
William Martell                                     Frenchville                                                                           Traffic
Joseph M. Martin                                 Morrisdale                                                                            Traffic
Arthur L. Marvitz                                 Clearfield                                                                             Criminal
Larry Mays                                         State College                                                                       Criminal
Jerome McCallion                                 Erie                                                                                    Criminal
Gregory A. McCardle                            Butler                                                                                  Criminal
Amy L. McClure                                   Corsica                                                                                Traffic
Harold D. McElroy                               Virginia                                                                                 Criminal
Eric L. McGee                                    Clearfield                                                                               Traffic
Tanya McLaughlin                              Clearfield                                                                               Traffic
Craig Metz                                        Philipsburg                                                                             Criminal
Michael A. Miller                                 Altoona                                                                                Traffic
Robin L. Miller                                    Clearfield                                                                               Criminal
Christopher D. Mills                             Philipsburg                                                                             Criminal
Tammy M. Minarchick                          Philipsburg                                                                             Traffic
Lori Minute                                        Penfield                                                                                 Criminal
Jason A. Mooney                                DuBois                                                                                  Traffic
Elizabeth M. Moore                              Kersey                                                                                 Traffic
Matthew Moore                                  Clearfield                                                                              Traffic
Dusty Moriarity                                  Clearfield                                                                               Traffic
Shawn M. Moriarity                             Clearfield                                                                              Criminal
Erin Moyer                                        DuBois                                                                                  Traffic
Nathaniel Murphy                                Illinois                                                                                  Criminal
Bernard Ndungu                                 Brookville                                                                              Traffic
Marleana Neeper                                Clearfield                                                                              Criminal
Michael D. Neff                                  Karthaus                                                                               Traffic
James J Ogden                                  West Decatur                                                                        Criminal
James Ogden                                    Woodland                                                                              Traffic
Trent Ogden                                     Clearfield                                                                               Criminal
Kenneth O’Rourke                              Clearfield                                                                               Criminal
Brian Owens                                     Clearfield                                                                               Criminal
Mary A. Palmer                                  Clearfield                                                                               Criminal
Hilda M. Pampa                                 Wallaceton                                                                             Traffic
Robert & Debra Parker                        Clearfield                                                                                Traffic
Brian P. Pechulis                                Frenchville                                                                             Traffic
Thomas Peters                                 Clearfield                                                                                Traffic
Keith M. Pinter                                  Unknown                                                                                Criminal
Clu Pontillo                                      Clearfield                                                                                 Traffic
Charles R. Quade                              Reading                                                                                  Traffic
Donald W. Quade                               Ramey                                                                                   Traffic
Stanley D. Reddinger                         Clearfield                                                                                 Traffic
Piper Richards                                  Brisbin                                                                                     Traffic
Rick Rosenthal                                 Clearfield                                                                                 Criminal
Kenneth R. Sass                              Clearfield                                                                                 Traffic
Krisa M. Schake                               Morrisdale                                                                                Traffic
Nathaniel J. Schmidt                        St. Marys                                                                                 Traffic
Samuel R. Scribe                             Curwensville                                                                             Traffic
Wendy L. Shelander                         New Mexico                                                                              Criminal
Brian S. Shelly                                California                                                                                  Criminal
Roberta & Bobbi J. Sherick                 Clearfield                                                                                 Criminal
Doris S. Shirey                                Shawville                                                                                 Traffic
Sara Jane Shirley                             Clearfield                                                                                 Traffic
John F. Shupe                                 Sabula                                                                                    Traffic
Tina Simpson                                  Clarion                                                                                    Traffic
Daniel W. Skiver                              Altoona                                                                                   Traffic
Deborah L. Smith                             DuBois                                                                                    Traffic
Gary L. Smith                                  DuBois                                                                                    Traffic
Okeema & Ronald Smith                     LeContes Mills                                                                         Traffic
Raymond A. Smith                           New York                                                                                 Traffic
Rick A. Smith                                  Clearfield                                                                                 Traffic
Jessica Snook                                 Clearfield                                                                                 Traffic
Ronald Snyder                                Sykesville                                                                                Criminal
Don A. Soliday                                Ohio                                                                                       Traffic
David W. Spinks                              Clearfield                                                                                 Criminal
Katherine Spotts                             Philipsburg                                                                               Traffic
Joshua G. Steele                             Clearfield                                                                                 Traffic
Richard J. Steele                             Clearfield                                                                                 Traffic
Ricky L Stewart                              Ohio                                                                                       Criminal
Joseph Strickland                            Clearfield                                                                                 Criminal
Jeremy T. Suhoney                         Philipsburg                                                                                Traffic
Henry & Jane Swoope                      Madera                                                                                    Traffic
Barbara J. Taylor                            DuBois                                                                                     Traffic
Darlene L. Taylor                            DuBois                                                                                     Traffic
Kristy D. Taylor                              Morrisdale                                                                                 Traffic
Taylor T. Estate                            Clearfield                                                                                   Criminal
Bertha Thames                               DuBois                                                                                     Criminal
Kristi & Kevin Thompson                  Woodland                                                                                  Traffic
Donald Thornton                            Johnsonburg                                                                              Traffic
Joseph A. Torres                           Clearfield                                                                                   Criminal
Mandy L. Trayer                            Morrisdale                                                                                 Criminal
Melissa Treese                              Curwensville                                                                              Traffic
James Vaux                                  Morrisdale                                                                                  Criminal
Kimberly J. Vitullo                          Curwensville                                                                               Traffic
Chandan S. Vora                           Johnstown                                                                                 Traffic
Bradley K. Waits                           Oklahoma                                                                                   Criminal
Jesse Waterson                            Clearfield                                                                                   Criminal
Lydia Waugh                                Madera                                                                                      Traffic
John Weber                                  Clearfield                                                                                   Traffic
Krista K. Weitoish                         West Decatur                                                                              Criminal
Gary Wigfield                              Clearfield                                                                                     Criminal

Cynthia L. Williams                       Clearfield                                                                                     Criminal
David J. Williams                          Lanse                                                                                          Traffic
Bobby G. Williams                         Ridgeway                                                                                     Traffic
Gary Lee Williams                         Osceola Mills                                                                                 Traffic
Joseph M. Williams II                     Indiana                                                                                       Criminal
Tiffany Wilsoncroft                       Clearfield                                                                                     Traffic
Brian K. Winters                           Clearfield                                                                                     Traffic
Crystal D. Wise                            Osceola Mills                                                                                Traffic
Logan S. Witherow                       Clearfield                                                                                     Criminal
Robert L. Witherow                       Clearfield                                                                                     Criminal
Mark J. Yohn                              Houtzdale                                                                                     Traffic
Donald & Rhonda Young                Houtzdale                                                                                     Traffic
Michael Young                             DuBois                                                                                         Traffic
Mark J. Yuhas                             West Mifflin                                                                                   Traffic
Patricia A. Zaber                         DuBois                                                                                          Traffic
Crystal A. Zuxhowski                    McVeytown PA                                                                              Traffic

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