PennDOT Joins AASHTO Campaign to Call Attention to Infrastructure Problems

HARRISBURG – Motorists who wish they could tell someone how they can improve transportation now have the opportunity to tell the President-elect and Congress.

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, in conjunction with the American Association of State Highway and Transportation Officials (AASHTO), is urging anyone who uses the state’s transportation system to go to and post their concerns or videos about their transportation experiences.

“I urge all Pennsylvanians to take this opportunity to tell President-elect Obama that America wants a best-in-the-world transportation infrastructure that properly funds and builds good roads, bridges, aviation, passenger rail, freight rail and public transportation systems, ” said PennDOT Secretary and AASHTO President Allen. D. Biehler, P.E. “Now is the time to have your voice heard about how transportation not only affects us every day, but is the very cornerstone of a vibrant American economy.”

The campaign is one effort to build awareness about the importance of America’s transportation system. A major challenge facing President-elect Obama and the new Congress will be to pass a new transportation bill before the current federally funded highway and transit programs expire on Sept. 30.

Pennsylvania uses federal revenues, in combination with money from the state’s Motor License Fund, to maintain, repair and build highways and bridges. The commonwealth’s general fund helps to underwrite transit, and passenger and rail freight. A portion of aviation fuel taxes helps pay for airports.

The campaign is already hearing from people who are talking about traffic congestion, safety, air pollution, cuts to state budgets and project delays due to funding shortfalls.

The campaign will continue through the inauguration and will compile videos and comments to present to key federal officials in January.

People may add their voices to the conversation by posting videos or making comments on

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