Clearfield County Commissioners Proclaim April 13-19 Week of the Young Child

CLEARFIELD – Children’s Aid Society asks Clearfield County, PA to come together for children during the Week of the Young Child (April 13-19, 2008). As part of the national Week of the Young Child, Clearfield County, PA is honoring young children and all those who make a difference in children’s lives.“All young children need and deserve high-quality early learning experiences that will prepare them for life, and Clearfield County, PA has a great opportunity to do its’ part to help young children,” said Angela Hassinger, Program Director for the Children’s Aid Society. “Week of the Young Child is time to recognize the importance of early learning for all young children, and to bring Clearfield County, PA together to help give all young children a great start.”

Week of the Young Child, sponsored by the National Association for the Education of Young Children (NAEYC), is an opportunity for early childhood programs across the country, including Pre-K Counts, child care, Head Start programs, preschools and elementary schools, to bring awareness to the needs of young children. Young children and their families depend on high-quality education and care, which help children get a great start, and bring lasting benefits to Clearfield County, PA. Week of the Young Child is a time to recognize the importance of early learning and early literacy, and to celebrate the teachers and policies that bring early childhood education to young children.

Children’s Aid Society’s quality early education and care programs are Pre-K Counts and Child Care. Pre-K Counts is high quality pre-kindergarten education for 3 and 4 year olds which is free to families who qualify. Using full days and the full week, Pre-K Counts provides: a teacher with the education and expertise to teach young children; curriculum that helps children grow, academically and socially; regular review of each child’s progress; teaching methods and learning activities that are best for each child; assistance for child and family to ease adjustment to pre-kindergarten and on to kindergarten; small class size (no more than 17 students per one teacher and one aide) so that each child can have plenty of one-on-one time with the teachers.

In 1989, the Children’s Aid Society Board of Directors opened the child care center, licensed by the Department of Public Welfare. The center offers a full-day of care from 5:30 am to 5:30 pm during which time the staff show a genuine interest and commitment to the children entrusted to their care. The program provides a safe, secure and stimulating environment, allowing each child to experience success and develop a sense of self worth. Children’s Aid Society presents a pleasant environment for inside and outside instruction and play. Teachers are competent and caring with numerous training hours and various education degrees up to and including the bachelor level. Since 2002, the child care program has been an active participant in Keystone STARS, Pennsylvania’s quality improvement initiative. Currently the program is rated as a STAR 3 with plans to apply in 2009 for the highest STAR level- a STAR 4.

For more information about Children’s Aid Society’s Pre-K Counts and/or the Child Care program, please call 765-2686 (Pre-K) or 765-2685 (Child Care.) Please join Children’s Aid Society this week in supporting early education and care for young children during the Week of the Young Child.

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