Man Accused of Molesting Young Girl has Hearing

CLEARFIELD – A Grampian man accused of molesting a young girl over a two-year time period had a hearing before Magisterial District Judge James Hawkins on Wednesday.

William Ellsworth May Sr., 39 faces two counts of aggravated indecent assault, 30 counts of indecent assault, one count of corruption of minors and unlawful contact with minor. May was scolded by Hawkins prior to the girl taking the stand. Hawkins told May that if he said another word to the girl or her family, he would continue his hearing and increase his bail.

The girl testified that May touched her inappropriately around 30 or more times. She said that May would make her touch his gentials. She also testified that May attempted intercourse with her.

She said that the incidents began before she went into first grade and ended between her second and third grade terms. Court records state the dates as between 2005 and July 2007.

The girl said the incidents occurred in her home, in the woods and outside at various locations.

State trooper Kimberly Ronan testified that she received information about an alleged sexual abuse/assault and interviewed the girl on three different occassions. She said that the girl showed police a drawing and paragraph she wrote about May and the alleged interaction between them. When asked why May was charged originally with 132 counts of indecent assault, Ronan said that in an interview, the girl said that the incidents happened every day, sometimes twice daily. Ronan said that she formulated that the incidents happened at least twice weakly.

“I thought it was lenient,” Ronan said of the 132 counts.

Ronan stated that she also spoke with May and that he made no statements and denied the allegations.

Dan Bell, representing May, argued about the number of indecent assault counts that May was charged with. Bell said that the girl testified that the events happened 30 or more times. Hawkins found favor in Bell’s argument in lowered the number of indecent assault counts to 30.

On the issue of bail, Anne McDonough, assistant district attorney, argued for an increase in May’s bail. It was set at $100,000. McDonough stated that May has a criminal history. She went through a list of charges that were filed against May in the past. She stated that she had the sentences on some of them, but was unsure of the dispositions of others.

Hawkins said that when he arraigned May, he asked him, like he does with all defendants, if they have ever been arrested or convicted. The judge said that May told him only about an aggravated assault and a DUI.

“It’s a flat out lie to the court,” said Hawkins. “He’s a threat to himself and others.”

Bell argued against a bail increase, but to no avail. Hawkins raised May’s bail to $250,000 straight.


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