Commissioners Agree to Provide Funding to Transportation Entities

CLEARFIELD – The Clearfield County Commissioners agreed to provide funding to two area transportation entities in the future on Tuesday.

The commissioners approved the request of DuFast Transit at $9,475.25 for DuFast’s 08-09 fiscal year. They also approved local financial support for the Area Transportation Authority in the amount of $86,717.

Mike Lytle, commissioner, noted that the requests were early. Claudia Read, controller, stated that the transporation entities were making their requests early due to the potential changes in area boards of county commissioners after upcoming election.

Mark McCracken, commissioner, also questioned the differences in the amount of money requested by the two entities. He noted that some of their service routes overlap.

Chairman Commissioner Rex Read stated that the overlapping service or route area was the topic of conversation at a recent transportation meeting. He said that one suggestion was to split the service areas up and have each entity cover one.

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