Operation Road Block Defendant Sentenced to County Time

CLEARFIELD – Three days after Operation Road Block kingpin Robert Prisk was found guilty by a jury, one of his co-defendants was sentenced for his role in Prisk’s organization.

David Bressler pleaded guilty to possession with intent to deliver marijuana and criminal conspiracy to posses with intent to deliver marijuana. He was sentenced to nine months in Clearfield County Jail, probation, and ordered to pay fines and costs. He is not to possess alcohol or controlled substances nor enter any establishment that sells alcohol. 

Bressler was part of a Pennsylvania Office of the Attorney General investigation that lasted from Jan. 2001 to May of 2006.

Bressler provided testimony during Prisk’s three-day trial about his involvement with Prisk. His attorney, Joseph Ryan, said that Bressler had been cooperative with the Attorney General’s Office early in the proceedings.

“He came across as being genuine,” said Clearfield County President Judge Fredric J. Ammerman. “He was one of the only witnesses you could describe as likable.”

Before being sentenced Ammerman asked Bressler a question.

“If I had you drug tested right now would you be clean?”

“I believe so,” answered Bressler. He then went on to explain that he had been in the presence of people smoking marijuana.

When Bressler came back, a member of the probation department indicated that Bressler told him he had used marijuana recently. His test also came back positive for marijuana.

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