Byrnedale Man Waives Right to Hearing

DUBOIS – A Byrnedale man accused of criminal trespass and related charges waived his right to a preliminary hearing on Friday.

According to court records, Martin Snyder, 43, attempted to get a woman to leave a Penfield residence on June 3. When the woman did not want to leave Snyder is reported to have started after the woman. One of the residents got in his way, and Snyder drew back as if to strike her. Another resident then engaged Snyder in a physical confrontation. Snyder was told to leave several times during and after the fight, which was eventually broken up.

Snyder left and the residents locked their doors. It was reported that Snyder jumped into the vehicle he was using and began ramming the bumper of the residents’ vehicle. He then left his vehicle and attempted to enter the home through a kitchen window by using a pipe to break out the screen.

Once Snyder was halfway in, he was hit in the head with a mallet multiple times. He fell out and then to the rear door. He attempted to kick the rear door in to no avail. He then kicked the front door in and went to the bathroom where the woman was hiding. He was attempting to leave with her when the state police arrived.

Snyder is currently being held in Clearfield County Jail in lieu of bail. The commonwealth withdrew a burglary charge against Snyder.

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