Osceola Mills Borough Council Fills Two Vacant Seats

OSCEOLA MILLS – The Osceola Mills Borough Council filled two vacant seats Monday.

Don Bezilla and William McLaughlin were both unanimously approved by the council and sworn in by Mayor Paul Cowher.

As he welcomed the two newest members, Councilman Tom Matia expressed his confidence in this council being able to work together to accomplish a great deal. Matia was appointed to the council at the March regular meeting.

Bezilla broached the subject of a Neighborhood Crime Watch Program to work in conjunction with the police in order to curb the vandalism taking place in the area. Councilwoman Ida Reams stated that she has been looking into this issue and the possibility of setting up a committee to work with the police to develop a program for the community.

Councilwoman Helen Blake voiced appreciation for citizens who have begun to prepare their property for the canal project by moving flowers and shrubs, pools, decking and other items. Matia also added his appreciation for these community minded individuals because they will help the project to move more smoothly and because their property will be cared for in the way they want it done.

Also listed on the agenda was the bid from Hughes Engineering of Clearfield for completion of the new building, however, the representative from Hughes Engineering could not be present. Further discussion has been tabled until the next council meeting.

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