Seven Bisons Earn Medals at Clearfield JV Wrestling Tourney

HYDE — Seven Bison grapplers earned medals at the Clearfield JV Tournament Saturday afternoon.

The Bisons were led by 215-pounder Nick Redden who defeated teammate Mike Hill 6-2 in the title bout.

After going scoreless for most of the opening period, Redden picked up a takedown to take a 2-0 advantage.

Hill reversed Redden to even the score, before Redden scored a reversal of his own to go up 4-2.

Redden used a third-period reversal to secure the decision win.

Josh Barrett (130) and Andrew Haney (135) posted falls to finish third for the tournament.

Barrett pinned Dwayne Wriglesworth (Curwensville), while Haney got the fall over Travis Frederickson (AtwaterCosmos/GroveCity). Both pins came at the two-minute mark.

Bisons Mike Boyce and Justin Barbieri finished fifth, while Andre Buck took sixth.

Individual Clearfield Results

130 – Josh Barrett (Third Place)

LBF Brent Cousins (St. Marys), 3:00, (Second Place)

WBF Aaron Dwyer (Greater Latrobe), 3:48

WBD Chris Simpson (Indiana), 9-7, (Fifth Place)

WBF Dwayne Wriglesworth (Curwensville), 2:00 (Fourth Place)

135 – Andrew Haney (Third Place)

LBD Kyle Miller (Indian Valley), 3-5, (First Place)

WBF Clint Weidig (Brookville), 0:48, (Fifth Place)

WBF Travis Frederickson (Curwensville), 2:00, (Fourth Place)

145 – Logan Shadeck

LBF Matt Hershberger (Bedford), 3:59, (First Place)

LBF Lucas Poche (Indian Valley), 4:40, (Fourth Place)

145 – Mike Boyce (Fifth Place)

WBF Lucas Poche (Indian Valley), 1:20, (Fourth Place)

LBF Seth Nelson (DuBois), 6:00, (Second Place)

LBD Craig Snell (Brookville), 8-10, (Third Place)

WBTF Jared Fleck (Philipsburg-Osceola), 15-0, (Sixth Place)

152 – Sam Maines

LBD Grant Smith (DuBois), 0-7, (First Place)

WBF Derrick Bray (Greater Latrobe), 5:08

LBF Ben Doran (Indiana), 3:54, (Third Place)

171 – Justin Barbieri (Fifth Place)

LBF Cody Buterbaugh (Bedford), 1:50, (Third Place)

LBD Dallas Evans (Bedford), 1-4, (Fourth Place)

WBF Kalvin Gilhousen (Brookville), 1:34, (Sixth Place)

189 – Andre Buck (Sixth Place)

LBD Kyle Herting (St. Marys), 7-13, (Second Place)

LBFF Frank Reams (Philipsburg-Osceola), (Fourth Place)

LBFF James Pyne (St. Marys), (Fifth Place)

215 – Nick Redden (First Place)

WBF Shawn Gray (Greater Latrobe), 1:07, (Third Place)

WBD Mike Hill (Clearfield), 6-2 (Second Place)

215 – Mike Hill

WBF Trey Greenwalt (Philipsburg-Osceola), 5:11, (Fourth Place)

LBD Nick Redden (Clearfield), 2-6, (First Place)

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