More Businesses, People Added to PA Internet Tax Delinquents List

HARRISBURG – The Pennsylvania Department of Revenue has added 95 new names to its Internet list of tax delinquents, Secretary of Revenue Gregory C. Fajt said.

Among the new delinquent taxpayer are: Colleen M. Leoni dba Virtually Spotless, Harrisburg, Dauphin County, who owes $133,664.09; Peppers Pizza, Connellsville, Fayette County ($38,419.33); Classic Furniture, Eynon, Lackawanna County ($36,767.60); Perfume Heaven Inc., King of Prussia, Montgomery County ($21,530.23); Bess A. Mitchell dba VIP Pet Aquarium Center, Altoona, Blair County ($11,254.60); and Breese Construction Company, Grove City, Mercer County ($5,555.56).

Eighty-three of the 226 businesses that have appeared on the tax delinquent list since it was posted last April have been removed from the site because they either paid their taxes in full or committed to a deferred payment plan. The list now includes a total of 238 businesses that owe sales and/or employer withholding taxes that were collected from customers and employees, but were never remitted to the state.

“The businesses that were removed fulfilled their responsibilities and either paid the delinquent taxes in full or entered into a payment plan agreement with the state,” Fajt said. “The other tax delinquents will remain on the list until they do the same.”

In an effort to collect unpaid state taxes, the state Department of Revenue last year began publicizing the names of people and businesses that owe delinquent taxes. The prospect of appearing on the list has helped convince delinquent taxpayers to pay $19.6 million and enter into deferred payment plans for an additional $16 million in previously unpaid taxes.

Other states have found that the threat of public exposure can be a powerful tax collection incentive. At least 20 other states, including Maryland, New Jersey and Virginia use Internet tax delinquent lists to help collect unpaid taxes.

Businesses and individuals listed on the Web site are contacted by the department and given one final chance to make payment arrangements before appearing on the list.

“Everyone on the list has been given many opportunities to resolve their tax debt prior to appearing on the Web site,” said Fajt. “They appear on the list because they have ignored our repeated attempts to collect the taxes owed.”

Information on the Web site is public as a result of a lien filed by the Revenue Department. The liens are recorded in a county prothonotary’s office where the person resides or does business. The amounts listed on the Web site are the amounts of the original liens. The current amount of tax due may differ from the amount listed on the site because of partial payments and/or the accrual of additional interest since the tax lien was filed.

Delinquent taxpayers who appear on the list should contact the Revenue Department at the telephone number listed on the letter they received or call the nearest Revenue district office to make payment arrangements. The Web site will be updated monthly. Delinquent taxpayers who resolve their tax liabilities will be removed from the site at that time.

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