More Details in Double Murder, Suspect Had Plans to Kill

JEFFERSON COUNTY – A DuBois man was taken into custody on charges that he kidnapped and then killed two Brooklyn, N.Y., residents last week, but court documents show that Jason “Spike” Clinger, 25, may have had plans to kill at least one of them beforehand.

The bodies of Davon Jones, 22, and Dianikqua Johnson, 21, were discovered along Moore Road in Pine Creek Township, Jefferson County, on Nov. 22 just before 8 a.m.

Jones was found lying face up on the ground with three gunshot wounds, while Johnson was face down with two gunshot wounds. Jones’ pockets were turned out.

Police reported that there were three sets of footprints at the scene — one for each of the two victims — and another set. Troopers did not find any shell casings at the scene.

Two witnesses interviewed by police reported seeing a burnt-orange-colored Chevrolet HHR in the area of Moore Road at about 4:30 p.m. the day before the bodies were found.

Troopers later spoke to a self-described “intimate friend” of Clinger. She said that in a conversation two weeks before, Clinger admitted to plans to kill a man she referred to as “Banks,” a man whom police said was Jones.

The woman said Clinger planned to kill Jones “and other black people” by shooting them in the head. He claimed that no one would know because the intended victims were from out of state. Further, he said he planned to do it because Jones makes a lot of money, and he could get that money.

She also told police that she was at Clinger’s apartment about one week before, and she saw a gun in his jacket. She said the gun was “a .22-caliber, nine shot, no papers.” She said Clinger claimed to have wanted to sell the gun to Jones.

A DuBois man said he knew both Jones and Johnson, known to him as “Mystery Girl.” He said the pair had even stayed with him at his home for two days.

On Nov. 21, Clinger showed up at the home where Jones and Johnson were staying. All three left before 4 p.m. in a burnt-orange-colored vehicle.

Yet another DuBois man said he knew Jones and also knew of him to carry a large sum of money. He said he often had $2,700 on him and would pay the man in cash to drive him back and forth to Brooklyn.

When Clinger was arrested, troopers seized a .22-caliber nine-shot revolver, along with eight spent shells and several unused shells. Also seized were two cell phones.

Clinger remains in Jefferson County Jail without bail. In total, he faces counts of criminal homicide, kidnapping, robbery and theft by unlawful taking.

Police have not said whether the case is connected to any other investigations.

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