Clearfield Man has Hearing for Role in DuBois Bar Fight

DUBOIS – Three men involved in a bar fight in DuBois appeared before Magisterial District Judge Patrick Ford on Friday.

One of the men, Joseph Johns of Clearfield, opted for a hearing while the other two, Jarrod Johns of Houtzdale and Chad Lawhead of Woodland waived their rights to preliminary hearings.

The incident in question took place on Aug. 20 at Coyote Joe’s in DuBois. April Gresak testified that she was at the bar with friends when she made eye contact with Joseph.

“He made vulgar statements to me out of the blue,” said Gresak.

Gresak said the vulgar statements continued even though she asked him to leave. According to Gresak, Joseph was in her face, she asked him to back up, and when he didn’t, she dumped beer on him. This prompted him to dump beer on her, and then throw a pitcher at her, according to Gresak.

At this point, bar manager Caroline Palumbo tried to get Gresak out of the situation, but was allegedly shoved into a wall by Joseph. A fight broke out, and Gresak said that bouncers eventually arrived, and that Joseph struggled.

“He was ridiculously out of control,” said Gresak.

Caroline took the stand and noted that she was bartending that night and noticed Gresak in some sort of altercation. She stated that she noticed Joseph swing or dump a pitcher on Gresak, and that is when she went to help her.

After she was shoved against the wall, the bouncers arrived, as did her father-in-law and bar owner Joe Palumbo Sr. Caroline dialed 911, and while she was on the phone noticed Joe Palumbo being held against the wall. She testified that she heard Joseph scream at Joe “I’ll kill you.”

Joe testified that he was bartending that night as well when he saw Caroline get pushed. Joe testified that as he came around and made his way to the altercation, Jarrod Johns told him, “You’d better get behind the bar before i throw you behind the bar.” Joe said that Jarrod punched his shoulder, and a bouncer arrived.

Joe said that at this point he was somehow kicked in the chest by Jarrod. Joe testified that as he and the bouncers were trying to get Jarrod out of the bar, Joseph pushed him against the wall, where he then put his forearm against Joe’s throat, holding him to the wall.

“I absolutely could not move,” said Joe.

During this time Joe said that Joseph told him “I’m going to kill you, you old (expletive).”

Defense attorney Chris Pentz questioned this statement, as it differs from each person’s testimony, including the investigating officer.

Joe said that at this point Joseph cocked his arm back as if to strike him. A bouncer and another patron then restrained Joseph, according to Joe.

“I was worried he was going to kill me” said Joe.

The investigating officer, Randall Young of the DuBois City Police Department said that when he arrived on scene, Joseph was outside the bar and in an agitated state. Joseph was arrested, as were Jarrod and Lawhead.

Joseph faces charges of three counts of simple assault, terroristic threats, disorderly conduct, harassment, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness.

Jarrod and Lawhead are charged with simple assault, harassment, disorderly conduct and public drunkenness.

All three men are free on unsecured bail.

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