Policy changes for Clearfield Borough Police Department

CLEARFIELD – New policies were put into effect Thursday for the Clearfield Borough Police Department. The changes come just two days after an officer was assaulted while on patrol.

The biggest change includes a rule that police will become more aggressive in their work, “increasing their patrol and investigative hours,” according to a memo written Thursday by Clearfield Borough Police Chief Jeff Rhone and presented to Clearfield Borough Council Thursday.

The memo also states: “When possible, officers shall arrest on any violation encountered, house if necessary in the Clearfield County Jail, and follow rules of criminal procedure. Officers shall enforce the laws and regulations to the fullest extent, giving compassion when necessary.”

Chief Rhone did not comment to the public on the memo last night, but he did address borough council privately during an executive session for personnel issues. Council also voted to hire a part-time officer upon his successful completion of the police academy. Shawn Fye will work at least 32 hours per week at $11.50 per hour. The police department is still working with a net loss in hours due to the recent resignation of three part-time officers.

“We’re very busy, and we can’t be everywhere,” Chief Rhone said. “What we’re urging people to do is to let us know when violations occur. … We’ll take care of it.”

The memo from the chief last night also granted permission for borough officers to ride “double” between the hours of 11 p.m. and 7 a.m.

The changes, Chief Rhone said, show a higher standard of police protection.

“This action by the department members will, in turn, decrease and deter crime within the community of Clearfield. This action from the members of the Clearfield Police Department will display to all residents and visitors to the Clearfield area that the Clearfield (Borough) Police Department is doing all it can to provide the utmost protection and service,” the memo stated.

“It is our goal to stop or deter crime from occurring.”

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