DuBois man jailed on several counts

DUBOIS – A DuBois man is facing charges ranging from corruption of minors to possession of drug paraphernalia after an incident that happened in his South Brady Street apartment May 9.

DuBois City Police were called to the home of Christopher D. Reynolds, 20, at about 8:18 p.m. May 9 for a noise complaint. An officer knocked on the door of Reynolds’ apartment and found a 16-year-old girl inside who later admitted to drinking alcohol while in Reynolds’ apartment.

Officers checked the home for Reynolds, and in the process, found a white residue on a mirror that tested positive for cocaine.

Reynolds was found, and he sat on a chair. He reportedly used profanity with one of the officers at the scene and got up from his chair. One officer had to use force to get Reynolds back into the chair, documents filed with the court state.

Police were later taking Reynolds out of the apartment when he allegedly rubbed his pelvis against a police officer. At that time, another officer pulled Reynolds away.

Reynolds was before Magisterial District Judge Patrick N. Ford Friday on numerous charges, but he waived his right to a hearing. If the hearing had been held, the commonwealth would have had to prove that more likely than not a crime was committed and more likely than not Reynolds committed it.

Reynolds being held in Clearfield County Jail in lieu of bail.

An indecent assault charge was withdrawn, but counts of corruption of minors , disorderly conduct, furnishing alcohol to minors, possession of drug paraphernalia, resisting arrest and corruption of minors were all waived to court.

Reynolds will now decide whether to go to trial or to enter into a plea agreement

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